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Christina Hollerbach 

Leading growth with vision and experience

For City of Sanford Commissioner, District 1


Taking Sanford to the Next Level


Christina Hollerbach is excited to officially launch her campaign to become your City of Sanford District 1 Commissioner in the upcoming election. While she has always enjoyed being involved as an engaged citizen and supportive merchant, she never really aspired for politics before now.

Careful consideration has been given to this decision and she believes that it is the right time for her to serve your community on the other side of the table. The skill sets acquired through many years of having Sanford's best interests at heart will serve as a natural extension of all her previous advocacy efforts on behalf of our beloved hometown. When you reflect on the time served on many city and non-profit committees and boards, you can see why she is proud of the headway made in making Sanford a premier community and destination.

As your commissioner, she plans on continuing these efforts and shepherding the growth of our city into another era of prosperity, strategic development and creative collaboration.


Top 3 Initiatives

Women Holding Hands
Bike Ride
Support Group


Creating culture that rewards growth and innovation

Quality of Life

Increasing community life through eco-tourism, sustainability efforts, and public art

Mental Health

Connecting human services and mental health assistance to those in need with affordability and accessibility


Schedule an Interview

Being a Commissioner is a job, so I'd like you to interview me. Let's get to know each other to see if I'm the right fit for you.


August 23, 2022

Voting Day

Make sure you register to vote and know your District polling station

HOLLERBACH on the riverfront